Our Patron - St. Kevin

​The 3rd of June is the feast of our school’s patron ​saint, St Kevin. St Kevin was a saint who lived a life devoted to teaching and learning. He spent many years as a ‘hermit’ in an area just outside of Dublin (Ireland) called Glendalough (our parish hall is named after this place in Ireland where St Kevin spent a great amount of his time!). St Kevin established a community where priests could come and pray and learn without too many distractions. The Glendalough area, near Dublin, is a very popular place for Christian pilgrims to visit if they are in Ireland.

Each year, on St Kevin's Feast Day,​ we celebrate St Kevin's Mass, along with many class based and whole school activities to celebrate the life of St Kevin.

The following information was sourced from Catholic Online: Saints & Angels www.catholic.org

Known in Ireland as Coemgen as well as Kevin, according to tradition he was born at the Fort of the White Fountain in Leinster, Ireland, of royal descent. He was baptized by St. Cronan and educated by St. Petroc. He was ordained, and became a hermit at the Valley of the Two Lakes in Glendalough. After seven years there, he was persuaded to give up his solitary life. He went to Disert-Coemgen, where he founded a monastery for the disciples he attracted, and later moved to Glendalough. He made a pilgrimage to Rome, bringing back many relics for his permanent foundation at Glendalough. He was a friend of St. Kieran of Clonmacnois, and was entrusted with the raising of the son of King Colman of Ui Faelain, by the king. Many extravagant miracles were attributed to Kevin, and he was reputed to be 120 years old at his death. His feast day is June 3rd.

Resilience – persistence in searching for what is best and good
Balance – calmness and harmony in life​