Catholic Education Week

​​During the last week in July we celebrated Catholic Education Week. Our School celebrated alongside more than 400,000 students across Australia. It provided an opportunity for us to celebrate the rich education here at St Kevin's that is grounded in Catholic faith. This year's theme, Communities of Faith, Hope and Love reflects the inclusive, compassionate and hopeful nature of Catholic schools and the strong sense of community that they foster. All members of the St Kevin's school community from students to teachers, staff and families are part of the church and come together to learn, celebrate and serve our shared values. On Friday morning, Year 6 then led our Catholic Education school assembly and afterwards the students enjoyed a shared morning tea and an ice-block. During the last week in July we celebrated Catholic Education Week. Our School Celebrated alongside more than 400,000 students across Australia.

On Tuesday 8th August we celebrated Mary Mac​Killop, St Mary of the Cross, Australia’s first Saint. She is the Patron Saint of the Archdiocese of Brisbane and also of our school, St Kevin's. She is the co-founder of the Sisters of St Joseph and she founded many schools across Australia to provide an education to the poor and those in most need. She led a life of great courage and trust in God. One of her famous quotes is "Never see a need without doing something about it" so the students will be thinking about one good deed they can do next week to help someone in need and learning about her life and why she is a saint.

Since our school opened in 1964 we have educated over 17,000 Students in the teachings of the Catholic Faith and what it means to be an active member of the community to "be the change you wish to see".

A Catholic School is more than just a school. It is a connected community that welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds with the unified belief of creating a better tomorrow. At a Catholic School, we take a holistic view of teaching the whole student.

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