Daily Routine

It is important for you and your child that your child arrives at school in time for the first bell. This will ensure that your child is ready to commence the day. If your child arrives after classes commence, then you are asked to please sign your child in at the office before proceeding to your child's class.

8:25am First Bell
8:30am Second Bell - Morning Assembly
10:30am Morning Break - 15 mins eating time
11:10am Warning bell - proceed to line-up
11:15am Line up in amphitheatre
1:15pm Afternoon break - 10 mins eating time
1:45pm Warning bell - proceed to line-up
1:50pm Proceed to classroom
3:00pm Dismissal

Arrival & Departure Times

No child should be at school before 8.00am unless attending Before School Care and all children should be off the grounds by 3.30 pm unless they are involved in sport training or attending After School Care. A teacher is on duty until 3.30 pm each day. Children being picked up at the drop off zone will proceed to the area near the Staff Entrance to the Administration Block. A teacher will be on duty to supervise pick up from the pick up area until 3:30pm each day. After 3:30pm, children who have not been picked up will be escorted to After School Care.

All children who are arriving late or leaving the school early, must be signed in or out in the attendance book located in the school office.