Year 5 Assembly 25 Oct 2017

The assembly yesterday was led masterfully by the Year 5 students.  They reminded us of the great and generous work that happens in our school community.  The support the community has given over the year to people and animals in need.  They also showed the other great activities that we have at school that promote teamwork, friendship, fun and care.
The reason that the assembly was so impressive was because the ideas and production of it was due to the hard work of the students themselves.  These girls and boys demonstrated that they could plan a project, use different forms of technology to produce it and choreograph the entire presentation by themselves.

 These students have obviously proved themselves as responsible and trustworthy students who are demonstrating the school’s learning dispositions (diligence, resilience, respect, inquisitiveness and were communicative) as well as excellent leadership skills.  Congratulations also goes to their teacher, who has helped the children become such a cooperative and responsible group.

Also at this assembly we were reminded of the fantastic work the teachers do at St Kevin’s to provide such a wide variety of experiences for the children.  Without their dedication and love of the children, these opportunities would not exist.  Tomorrow is World Teachers’ Day.  It is a great time to say ‘thank you’ to teachers and school officers who labour each day to provide opportunities for children and to help them become the best they can be.