Year 4 Excursion to Samford Museum

What an exciting day our Year 4 children had on Wednesday 12 October when they took part in an excursion to the Samford Museum. Plenty of volunteers were there, all dressed in period costume, to take the children on a journey into Australia’s past. The children had an absolutely fabulous day and came home with plenty of memories and stories to share with their parents, but more so, with their grandparents. Some of the comments made included:
“We are really glad we didn’t have to go to your school. It was very strict and your school teacher was scary with her big cane. Finding the toy frog in one of the desks was surprising and funny. It was fun writing with the slate boards. The rules back then were really tough!”
“Some of the olden day dolls were creepy whilst others were exquisite. The bikes and scooters were crazy. Imagine being made out of wood.”
“We never knew that most things in the olden days were sold in tins but things were so much cheaper back then.”