The Fruits of Volunteers' Labour

Every year millions of people choose to volunteer their time to support others. As a school community we rely on the willingness of our parents to engage in good deeds in support of the students. Could the school community run without volunteers? Possibly, but it certainly wouldn’t be the vibrant, welcoming, learning centred community that it is. The contribution of our parent volunteers, in many aspects of our school, provides an added quality that supports the growth and development of all students.
This morning, we celebrated the fruits of the many hours of volunteer time provided by our P & F. The fundraising efforts of the past 18 months, including a Fun-a-thon and May Fair, provided the opportunity to install two large fans in our multi-purpose hall. Thank you to the many parent volunteers that made this possible. The students enjoyed a special unveiling of the fans this morning with a little bit of fun. Thank you to the P & F Executive Team for preparing the launch.