St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hampers

Our annual collection of food and Christmas items for the Hampers continues this week. This year each class is being asked to provide certain foods and Christmas items to try and make the baskets more equitable for distribution to families in need at this time of the year. Please contribute by sending items along with your child to put in the basket. Prep - Stocking fillers (toys, balls, coloured pencils, Colouring in books etc.)
foodbasket.bmp1B - Chips (potato, cheezels, twisties, Cheese Balls etc.)
1W - Nibbles (nuts, pretzels, rice snacks etc.)
2B - Bon Bons, sweet biscuits
2W - Christmas Decorations, sweet biscuits
3B - Christmas table cloths, serviettes, plates, cups etc.
3W - Pasta, rice (plain or flavoured)
4 - Canned Vegetables (beetroot, peas, corn, tomatoes etc.)
5B - Jars of pasta sauce, boxes of cake/pudding mix
5/6 - Christmas puddings/cakes (packaged)
6 - Soft Drinks, Juice