Sharing the Journey

The theme for Catholic Education Week this year is ‘Sharing the Journey’. We join with Catholic schools all over Queensland as we share the journey in the many ways we welcome and value every person who steps through our gates. We also remember  that we are all invited to open our hearts to other pilgrims who may want to follow in the footsteps of Jesus on the journey. We welcome our families who have come from other countries to share their lives with us as they add knowledge and richness to our community.

Wednesday morning was a lovely example of welcoming our extended community of grandparents through our gates. Over 250 grandparents joined us for prayer and celebration of learning at St Kevin’s. The atmosphere was one of love for others and we hope that each of our visitors felt the love of our community for them as important parts of our students’ life journey.

Thank you to the contribution from every person who assisted (staff, parents, P &F, students) the collaboration and St Kevin’s community spirit was alive and well. Jesus was truly with us on Wednesday, in the face of each person who came together to witness all that is wonderful about Catholic Education.

Over the next week, you may like to continue the spirit of ‘Sharing the Journey’ with your family with some of the suggestions below:
·           Begin a family gratitude journal for all family members to jot down little things that they are grateful for.
·           After school, ask your child to talk firstly about 3 good things that happened in the day and then one solved problem.
·           Think about ways your family might be able to practice sharing with our community eg. donating blankets to our Mini Vinnies Winter Appeal.
·           Create a short end-of-day ritual to ask for and extend forgiveness to members of your family. “Do not let the sun set on your anger” (Eph. 4:26).
·           Make a point to smile, greet or make conversation with others you may meet throughout your day or week.