Parent Information Evening

The Parent Information Evening is a great way to learn about the year ahead and this year, it was also a chance to meet the new Principal. Many families attended the evening and took up the opportunity to share their thoughts with the Principal. A formative assessment technique from Dylan Wiliam was used to gather feedback from the parents. Dylan Wiliam is a world renowned educator who shares effective ways of collecting feedback about students’ learning in the moment of the teaching. The formative assessment technique, ‘thumbs up’, ‘thumbs down’ was tweaked a little to ask the parent body to list the things they love about St Kevin’s, that they would like to see continue and be fostered. Alternatively, there was a place to list things that maybe need looking at or require further support. The parent body actively engaged in the activity and will have another opportunity at the next P & F meeting. The feedback will inform the development of strategic goals for 2016.