NRL Catholic and Independent Schools' Cup

On Tuesday all students in years 4-6 participated in the National Rugby League Catholic and Independent Schools’ Cup. We entered 13 teams in the Year 4-5 Competition, two senior girls’ teams and one senior boys’ team.
In the senior competition the boys made it to the grand final, but were defeated by a very skilled team. One of the girls’ teams made it to the semi-finals and the other to the play offs. The junior competition was a friendly, round robin style so they did not partake in finals. Children, however, played in their house colour teams and we recorded scores. A trophy for ‘The Champion House’ will be awarded at next week’s assembly along with the award for the best sports person and team player for each of the teams.
It was great to see the students playing against the other schools and enjoying themselves, learning to organise their own teams, working on teamwork and getting along.