Museum in a Suitcase

Last week our Year One students were lucky enough to have the opportunity to trial the very first "Museum in a Suitcase' incursion that the Museum of Brisbane is now offering. The incursion fits directly into the Australian Curriculum for the HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences) strand, where students examine objects from the past and think about how objects have changed over time.

The Museum of Brisbane staff brought in two big suitcases. Inside the suitcases were many interesting objects from the past. Some of the items were: toaster, roller skate, quoits, kettle and a bug sprayer. The children had the opportunity to become 'curators' and discover what they could about the object using their magnifying glasses. They also needed to wear special white gloves to ensure the object was kept in good condition. The students had so much fun learning about the past and we would like to thank the staff from the Museum of Brisbane for the opportunity to be included in the trial.