Learning and Teaching 2018

​Welcome to learning and teaching in 2018!

We began the year with introducing and revising our learning dispositions. All classes have been exploring what it means to be a diligent, resilient, reflective, inquisitive and communicative learners by using innovative learning experiences.

In the shared reading of “The Dot" by Peter Reynolds we utilised our brand new document cameras to project the images in the book onto the screens in our Multipurpose hall for the students to see. Our Year 6's stepped straight into their leadership roles and led the school during our Learning Disposition Day activities! Activities such as putt-putt (to build resilience), ninja warrior course (to build diligence) and a blindfolded maze (to test communication skills) were led by the Year 6 students and carried out by students from Prep to Year 5.

Students then returned to their classrooms to create their own “dot image" amongst conversations focussing around having a go, trying your best, taking risks and being proud of what you produce. The fabulous collaborative mural that the students created is displayed in the hall.

Our Year 3 students embraced technology by creating their dots and then having them come to life with the 'Quivver' app. It's pretty exciting watching your artwork become 3D!

Our Year 4 classes also reflected on how they learn best. They used 'post it' notes to share their information. Interestingly, most students found they worked best when verbalising ideas with a partner.