Learning In Year One

​​In Year 1, the children have been looking at leisure activities. They brainstormed ideas of their favourite hobbies and the leisure activities of their grandparents. The Year 1s have linked this learning with a favourite past-time of many Brisbanites, The Ekka. 1B and 1W were lucky enough to go and explore all the colours, smells and wonderful sites at the Ekka with a specific focus on the leisure activities they saw whilst there. Many reporting that their favourite part of the day was …
…the woodchopping - the last one had to wait 140 seconds and he still won! (Declan)
…the cake decorating because they all looked so nice. (Audrey)
…the woodchopping because it was a competition to see who could chop the fastest. (Max)
…the animal nursery. I like to pat the animals, the puppy was the cutest. (Ruby)
…the cake decorating. They looked delicious. (Michael)
…the gardening because I got to make paper flowers. (Victoria)
…the baby cows because they were so cute. (Grace)