Debating 2018


Our debating teams really shone at their first competition. Interestingly though, it wasn't just their well-prepared speeches or great pre​sentation skills that were clearly evident. What we also saw was:

  • Resilience when speeches had to be changed when new information was introduced,
  • Students preparing to step into other debates and help out when traffic caused us havoc,
  • Our supportive community of parents helping other students find where to go while their parents parked cars,
  • Students who weren't debating, coming along to cheer on their friends,
  • The incredible degree of inquisitiveness with everyone eager to find out what the next topic will be and what position they are taking, and
  • Without any prompting, our students seeking personal feedback from the adjudicator and their eagerness to improve was always evident.

The highlight of the evening, after witnessing all of this, was hearing the adjudicator's reaction to finding out this was our students' first time debating. She was so surprised and hadn't realised that the students had no prior experience other than classroom preparation. We congratulate the students on their wonderful work, their parents for their fabulous support and our amazing teachers for making it all happen so effortlessly. Needless to say, we are all excited for the next debate in August.